AI & CS Parent Day

Do you parents always ask about what it is that you do at university? Do they always explain your degree as ‘something with robots’ or ‘something with computers’? Take them to the Cover Parent day! During this day, your parents will get an inside in the life of an AI or CS student: what kind of lectures you visit, how a lab session goes and what the campus looks like. Sign up by clicking on the button below, we hope to see you and your parents on the 17th of May!

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We are the ParenTee (parent day committee) and we will be organizing the second edition of Cover's Parent Day. Let us introduce ourselves:

Floris Uithof
Master Artificial Intelligence

Floris, our Praeses, our dictator, or in other words our chairman. This guy also organized the parent day 3 years ago and is therefore our little light in the darkness that guides us towards a successful day. However, it seems that he has a little (read: a lot of) trouble with red hair, something that is a bit problematic when your committee is half redheaded. Despite Floris having the power to throw all tasks to other people and be lazy himself he doesn’t do this. Instead, he gives himself a lot of tasks. A very hard worker (and easy for us).

Daan Lambert
Fourth Year Artificial Intelligence

Daan, a.k.a. Daan 2.0, is our secretary: responsible for making the minutes of our meetings (quality varies with the ‘gezelligheid’ of our meetings) and the person that keeps up with all the small tasks that have to be done (read: makes sure that David also has something to do ;)). Despite his red hair he puts his heart and soul into his committee work. Besides making minutes, gaming, being our DJ and occasionally making sushi, Daan is also the current treasurer of the board of SV Cover. Luckily he makes Cover’s money lasts longer than his food, because that usually disappears when you blink for longer than 0.003 seconds.

Daniëlle Metz
Master Artificial Intelligence

Daniëlle, otherwise known as portefolio-proprietor poah. She keeps a careful watch over the money and makes sure we don’t overspend. Her iron reign makes sure we keep our receipts and keeps us grounded as to how big we want to make the event. Besides this she is always ready with a cutting remark. Daniëlle is also our subtle escalating element. With just a few well placed words, she can turn a quiet evening on the couch into a loud and social ordeal. This combined with the fact that she always does her tasks and diligently reads the minutes, makes her a wonderful addition to the committee.

David Brinkman
General Member
First Year Computer Science

David is the youngest member of our committee, and also the only general member. This does not mean however that he has nothing to do! David takes care of the promotion, and writes a piece for the almanac all by himself. Whenever he is not busy working on the parent day, you can find him on a bike. His dream is to deliver mail on his racing-bike.

If you have any questions you can send us an e-mail!


Michael Wilkinson

Michael Wilkinson is our first speaker. Michael Wilkinson is one of the lecturers within the Computing Science programme and specializes in processing and analysing digital images, which is an important area in both Artificial Intelligence and Computing Science. Within the Computing Science Bachelor he gives the course Introduction to Computing Science.

Guus Klinkenberg

Guus Klinkenberg is our second speaker. He is a Master student in Computing Science and a member of SV Cover, where he was in the board during the academic year of 2014-2015. Guus is working on his graduation project, that focuses on building a simulation framework in which simulations of a restructuring of the energy network of the Netherlands can be simulated. Nowadays, the energy transition is a hot issue: consumers start to produce their own energy, which changes the energy market and the energy network as a whole. The power now doesn’t only move from energy company to the consumer, but also the other way around. This makes looking into a restructuring of the energy network very interesting, and Guus will give us an introduction into the building of a simulation framework that is necessary for this process. Besides working on his graduation project, Guus also works at Ticketguard: a start-up that works on a dynamic solution for ticketing systems.

Ben Wolf

Our third speaker is Ben Wolf. Ben is a PhD student at the rug. His research group does research into a artificial system that mimics the lateral system of fish. Sensory cells beneath the scales of the fish can detect small changes in the water. The information gained by a large amount of these sensors can be used to detect disturbances in the water, and to ‘feel’ at a distance. Fish use this to determine water currents and to detect food and enemies. This extra sense works without light and is comparable with sonar, without the need to send out a signal. It just detect the incoming water changes. The combination of several sensors and artificial neural networks allows the research group to utilize the same principles. It can be used to detect your surroundings under water, or to identify object that are close. During his talk Ben will give some insight into his projects, and into his experiences as a phd student at the rug.


The parent day will start off at 13:00 with a short talk about our study association, SV Cover, followed by a lecture by a professor, who will tell us something about his workfield. After the lecture, we will split up the group into smaller groups, with which we’ll make a tour over the campus and follow a few lab sessions, both for AI and for CS. After these activities, a PHD and a Master student will tell something about their research. We’ll end the day with a small social, where you can have a drink and talk about all the fun things you did during the day.

When What Where
13:00 Introduction and sv Cover BB5161.0105
13:15 Lecture Michael Wilkinson BB5161.0105
14:00 First labsession Several different locations
14:45 Coffeebreak In front of BB5161.0105
15:00 Second labsession Several different locations
15:45 Third labsession Several different locations
16:30 Talk Guus Klinkenberg BB5161.0105
16:40 Talk Ben Wolf BB5161.0105
16:50 Closing BB5161.0105
17:00 Drinks In front of BB5161.0105

Practical Information


Nijenborgh 9
9747 AG Groningen
A map of the campus is available at University of Groningen website.

How to get to Bernoulliborg


Use the google-maps widget on the bottom of this page. We reserved parking spaces at one of the parking spaces of the university. From the parking space it is only a short walk to the Bernoulliborg.

Public transport

From Groningen central, take Q-Link bus 15 (perron C) and get of at Nijenborgh. For more information please refer to the Qbuzz site.

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